Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is going to sound a bit shallow, but there really is more to it.

I am thankful that the fall semester is almost over.

In case you didn't notice, I haven't had time to write about anything this semester. The idea that we took on a bit too much is an understatement. We were all about Adam being more 'normal', and not needing as much in the world of doctor appointments and therapy sessions, and I got this idea that I wanted to do a half marathon.

This meant I had to run and work out, but mostly run. Philip is in grad school, and getting impatient with the slowness of finishing his program, so he decided to take 2 classes this semester. This is while we both work full time. Moreover, Phil had this opportunity to assistant coach varsity football- which he enjoys immensely and never could have done during Adam's first few years. He took the chance  and is loving it. If that's not enough, Matthew made the swim team, and is in a pretty competitive training group- which means swimming 6 days a week. Adam still takes part in structured meals and still needs to do all that meals encompass. His meals are a bit faster, and he gets rewarded randomly now- like a slot machine.

After the first week of September, I pretty much decided I was done. I was overwhelmed and have not been able to catch up since. I  keep saying the mantra "We can do anything for 3 months".

I bought a deep freezer. I try to spend one weekend here and there cooking a ridiculous amount of large meals (most contain cheese, but there are stews and soups in there) The laundry is out. of. control. I hope to catch up with that sometime in March. I did laugh a lot this semester, and I think the kids like having a messy basement. We did all get sick at some point, but we probably would have even without the stress factor. Holidays? Well, stores are open on Christmas Eve for a reason and I might just be that reason.

In Adam's world of special education- the school year went off without a hitch.