Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a New Year, baby.

2012 was a quick one and tons happened.
1. ) The biggest thing was that Adam was declassified (you can read all about that in an earlier post)
2. ) Also amazing in 2012 was Adam was the healthiest he has ever been. I'd totally knock on wood right now just because I'm superstitious, but the only wood within reach is fake laminate Ikea wood. I'm knocking on it anyhow.

I mean, we had normal colds and illnesses, but it was so normal.  Adam only had one surgery this year- a tonsillectomy in July. He has also been doing great since then. August 1st we stopped using the tube feeds at night and he's been eating all day by mouth. Since September, we have been charting and rewarding and behavior modifying. He goes once a month for his weigh ins and his weight has been ok. So.... drum roll... if, and I mean if he gains weight when he goes back to the doctor in February, then the doctor will make plans to take out the mick-key button. That will be 6 months with no tube feeding. I am hoping it all goes well this month. Ok, hoping is a bit of an understatement. (I dream about it constantly and work really hard and Adam's feeding has been consuming for us for the past 3 years, so I do more than hope).

On a personal note: 2012 was the year that Philip and I officially took our soul mate legal domestic partnership status to actually marry each other in a ceremony with Adam demanding to play Army guys  after "Mommy marries Daddy" and Matthew handing us the rings.  I also trained and did 2 half marathons, 2 triathlons, and read 2 books each month (this was my resolution- the reading 2 books a month part). Matthew made amazing growth in size- he is now taller than me and is entering into snottiness and talkbackness. Seriously, he makes me proud, so far he's been making good choices and works hard in sports and school. Phil continued to coach football and go to grad school and be the funniest person I ever met best partner in all of this that I could ever imagine.

2013.... let's hope it brings an end to the feeding tube and more normalcy then I could ever dream of.